Weekly Update: Week of August 24, 2015

Overview this Week: In English students will choose their narrowed “small moment” topic for their personal narrative and begin writing. We will also continue our study of parts of speech this week, adding pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions, and adverbs to our understanding. Students will continue to read books of their choice, and in class we will continue our reading of The Giver. In Social Studies, we are diving into the topic of geographic “structures,” with a focus this week on map parts and different types of maps.

Need to Know:
1. GRADES: I  will be giving students their graded rubric today for the “Map of My World” project. Students who would like to earn a better grade on any part of the project have one week to make corrections and need to see me during tutorials Tuesday or Thursday this week.
2. CURRENT EVENTS: Students have all signed up for one current event this semester (these dates can be found in the class google calendar – also on the blog – if students forget).
3. QUIZZES: Two upcoming quizzes…
… WED Sept 2 = Map Parts (next week)
… WED Sept 9 = Parts of Speech
4. OPEN HOUSE: This Thursday night! I am looking forward to meeting all of you then! Since there will not be much time for questions, if there is anything specifically that you would like me to address at open house, please send me your ideas, questions, or concerns via email over the next few days.

Homework this week:
– Read 30 minutes a day (student choice)
– Over the weekend: review map parts for upcoming quiz

Table Talk: 
– What did you pick for your “seed story” (small moment)?
– What should I ask Ms. Walker to discuss at open house on Thursday?
– When is your current event presentation and how do you plan to find current events?
– What are the purposes of different types of maps?

Discovering adjectives last week!

Weekly Update: Week of August 17, 2015

Overview this Week: Our English focus this week will be to continue brainstorming ideas and begin to narrow in on a topic choice for our personal narrative. We will write a few “practice drafts” to test out our favorite story ideas. Additionally, we will be exploring ways to incorporate word choice to enhance our storytelling, including beginning to talk about parts of speech this week (adjectives, nouns, and verbs). In Social Studies, students will be sharing their projects through a “gallery walk” format, as well as reflecting on their achievement and learning habits with this first project. Toward the end of the week, we will begin discussing current events. Students will each sign up for one Friday this semester to prepare and present a current event (see Current Events Rubric (draft)).

Need to Know:
– Map of My World Projects were due TODAY at the end of class
– Tutorials start this week on Tuesdays and Thursdays (students can seek extra help from teachers)
by Thursday, students will know the date of their current event presentation (may want to write this in a calendar at home)
– I have updated the class blog to include the Google “Homework Calendar” (all students have access to this through their gmail accounts, but I wanted parents to have access as well)

Homework this week:
– Read 30 minutes a day (student choice)

Table Talk: 
– What are you reading in class/at home for fun? Did you find a good book in the library?
– What story ideas are you “testing out” in class this week?
– What new adjectives have you discovered?
– What have you heard about/read about in the news this week?

Weekly Update: Week of August 10th, 2015

Overview this Week: This week we are beginning our first unit of the year, “structures.” In Social Studies, our unit focus has to do with societal structures (government, education, geography, etc); whereas our English focus this week has to do with writing and story-telling structures. Over this week and next, we will be using various strategies to brainstorm story ideas about a “small moment” in our life that we will use to help us begin writing a “small moment” story in the coming weeks.

Need to Know:
We are beginning our first assessment this week in Social Studies, called a “Map of My World” (see rubric: MapofMyWorldOverviewandRubric). Students will be given several days of class time to brainstorm and create their project, but may choose to use the weekend to finish up. This will be due next Monday.

Homework this week:
– Read 30 minutes a day (we will go to the library on Wednesday to get books for those who don’t yet have a book to read – reading nonfiction, magazines, or newspapers is also acceptable)
– Finish “Map of My World” over the weekend if not already done in class

Table Talk: 
(these are topic ideas to discuss with students around the dinner table each week!)
– What connections does our family have to countries around the world?
– What are some “small moments” in your life that would be fun to write about?
– What goals do I have to improve my writing this year)
– What are you reading in class/at home for fun?
– What school clubs/activities/athletics are you interested in? Do you know how to get involved?

Greetings from Ms. Walker’s Classroom

Hello students and parents! Welcome to your grade 6 English and Social Studies blog for Ms. Walker’s class. Use this site to see what we’ve done in class, what’s coming up next, and to celebrate all that we’ve accomplished. I’m looking forward to learning with you this year!

Here are some snapshots from our first two days together in the 2015-2016 school year!

Let’s BE…AWESOME this year!

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