Weekly Update: Week of April 11, 2016

Overview this week:

In English and Social Studies, students have designed a product to help solve a major world problem, which they researched in their future forecast task forces. They are working on creating an advertisement (print or commercial) and utilizing persuasive techniques to “sell” their product at the upcoming product convention.

In English,​ students will also be meeting with me for a reading conference in which they compare and contrast two books from their genre wheel goals. Students have individually signed up for a specific date and time this month.

Need to Know:

  1. Parents are invited to the “FUTURE FORECAST PRODUCT CONVENTION” 

– Wednesday, April 20th

– Students will be displaying/presenting their “Future Forecast” product designs.

                 – Please click this link for detailed information

  1. Future Forecast QUIZ this Thursday (April 14th) for Walker home base, Friday (April 15th) for McKnight home base

                  – Students prepared a study guide for this in class last week.  

  1. Optional: Students can be working on the “countries of the world challenge”

– This quarter is the final round.

– Interested students can check their emails for more information.

Homework this week:

​1. ​Read ​20-​30 minutes a day

​​​2. Genre Wheel Entries (for finished books)

3. Review for Future Forecast Quiz (use study guide)

Table Talk:

– What world problem did your task force choose to solve?

– What product did your team design to help solve this problem?

– How are you going to use persuasion in your advertisement for this product?

– How is your progress with your genre goal for reading?

– Are you completing your entries on time?

– What are you currently reading?

– What genre will you read next? Do you need a book recommendation?

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