Weekly Update: Week of April 25, 2016


Overview this week:

In Social Studies, we are continuing our study of the “story of stuff,” otherwise known as the Materials Economy. Students are learning about sustainable and unsustainable relationships between where “stuff” comes from, how it gets to us, and what we do when we’re finished with it. The unit will culminate at the end of the year in an interdisciplinary project with English, Social Studies, Science, and Math in which students write and perform a TED talk-style speech about how a specific ecosystem is impacted by the Materials Economy.

In English, students are learning more about the relationships between various persuasive techniques to support speech writing and performance. Over the next few weeks, students will be preparing to write and perform a speech about a favorite book or genre from the semester. Meanwhile, students are still meeting with me individually​ for their compare and contrast reading conference.


Need to Know:

1. Students are still working on their Genre Reading Goals for another month

– They should be filling out a genre entry form for each book they read toward this goal.

​2. Optional: Students can be working on the “countries of the world challenge

– This is the final round in which students can learn the location of ALL countries.

– Interested students can check their emails for more information.

3. Activity Day this Thursday

– Students should bring water bottles and snacks.

Homework this week:

​1. ​Read ​20-​30 minutes a day

​​​2. Genre Wheel Entries (for finished books)


Table Talk:

– What are the stages of the Materials Economy?

– What makes a decision “sustainable”?

– What does the sustainability compass look like?

– How is your progress with your genre goal for reading?

​- What are your favorite books and genres that you’ve read so far this semester?​

– What are you currently reading?

– What genre will you read next?

– D​o you need a book recommendation?

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