Weekly Update: Week of May 16, 2016

Overview this week:

In Social Studies, we are applying our study of the Materials Economy to our final interdisciplinary performance task on relationships. The students will research the impact of the Materials Economy on a biome that they have studied in science, finding problems associated with the Materials Economy as well as finding and/or developing sustainable solutions. They will write and perform a TED talk style speech over the next three weeks.

In English, students are writing their scripts for a speech about a favorite book or genre from the semester. They will perform the speech next week in class – students have been assigned to present next week on either Tuesday (5/24), Wednesday (5/25), or Thursday (5/26) next week (they will know which day by today).

Need to Know:

1. This Friday, May 20 = Last Day for Summer Book Checkout from the Library. All books not checked out for summer need to be returned by this day.

2. Students are still working on their Genre Reading Goals for the month of May.

– They should be filling out a genre entry for each book they read toward this goal.

3. Genre Wheel Persuasive Speeches for English will take place May 24, 25, and 26.


Homework this week:


2.  ​Read a minimum of ​20-​30 minutes a day

​​3. Genre Wheel Entries (for finished books)

Table Talk:

– How does the Materials Economy relate to the Earth’s ecosystems?

– What are some “sustainable” solutions to problems in the Materials Economy?

– What do you need to accomplish during your last month (May) of the genre wheel goal?

– D​o you need a book recommendation?

– What will you read over the summer?

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