Weekly Update: Week of May 23, 2016


Overview this week:

In Social Studies, students are finalizing their research about how the Materials Economy impacts a biome that they have studied in science; they are learning about problems as well as finding and/or developing sustainable solutions. Over the next two weeks, they will be supported in all core subjects in order to write and perform a TED talk style speech on their topic.

In English, students will be giving their speeches about a favorite book or genre from the semester – students have been assigned to present on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday this week.

Need to Know:

1. This is the final week for students to work on their Genre Reading Goals.

– All genre entry forms should be finished by the beginning of next week.

2. Genre Wheel Persuasive Speeches are this week: May 24, 25, and 26.

3. Click HERE to see a video slideshow of our Future Forecast Convention!

Homework this week:


2. Read a minimum of ​20-​30 minutes a day

​​3. Genre Wheel Entries (for finished books)


Table Talk:

– How does the Materials Economy relate to the Earth’s ecosystems?

– What are some “sustainable” solutions to problems in the Materials Economy?

– What have you learned while working on the genre wheel goal?

– What are some new genres and books that you have grown to love?

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