Weekly Update: Week of June 6, 2016

Overview this week:

Our classes this week will be spent organizing our work, reflecting on our learning, looking ahead to summer and 7th grade, and celebrating our year together.

Today, students will take home their notebooks and red folders which contain their notes, work, and rubrics from this year. If you like keeping student work, know that tonight’s the night when it will be making it’s way home!

Need to Know:

If you find the time, please complete this parent survey about my teaching and communication. Thank you in advance.


As always, and hopefully with joy and excitement, I hope that students find time to read every day.

It has been an honor and a pleasure working with your students this year! I hope you have a great week, a wonderful summer, and a successful next school year.

Weekly Update: Week of October 19, 2015

Overview this Week:
In Social Studies, we are ​are ​​finalizing the society project. We are continuing to apply collaborative skills such as leadership roles, task management, and delegation to help the teams achieve success. In English, students are wrapping up their ​expository essays which explain in detail one structure of their team’s new society: government, education, culture, or mapping. ​

Need to Know:
1. ​THURSDAY (10/22): Society project (display presentation) due
​- ​You can look over the instructions here.
– ​Invitation for parents to act on our “Committee of Elders” this Thursday here.
3. FRIDAY (10/23): Expository essays due
– This is the last day to edit the essay on google drive.

Homework this week:
– Read 30 minutes a day
– Manage and complete tasks for project and essay (depending on student and group needs)

Homework over the break:
– None! Just relax, and hopefully find some time to read and rejuvenate!

Table Talk: 
– What goals do you have for improving in English and Social Studies?
– What have been your greatest strengths in this class so far?
– Wh​at have you learned about leadership and collaboration from the society project?
– What aspect or part of your society project are you most proud of?
​- What are you currently reading?​

Weekly Update: Week of September 7th, 2015

Overview this Week:
In English we are finishing up and submitting our short stories today! This week we are focusing on learning metacognitive reading strategies to use while reading and in discussion with our book clubs (our first book club meeting will be this Friday). In Social Studies, we will be learning about and investigating real world examples of various types of governments. We will also continue hearing about current events with this week’s presenters on Friday!

Need to Know:
  1. I am handing back the mapping quiz and have updated the grade-book. Students who would like quiz retakes can see me at tutorials on either Tuesday or Thursday this week.
  2. PARTS OF SPEECH QUIZ – This Friday – 9/11 (we will review this week in class)
  3. GOVERNMENT TYPES QUIZ – Next Monday – 9/14  (we will discuss all week in class)
  4. CWW Permission forms go out today, need to be returned to homeroom by Thursday 9/10

Homework this week:

– Read 30 minutes a day (student choice and book club book)
– Review parts of speech for upcoming quiz
– Over the weekend – review government types for upcoming quiz (resources will be in their google drive folders to help them study)

Table Talk: 
– What book are you reading for “book club”?
– What reading role do you have for this week’s book club meeting? How will you apply it?
– What different types of governments are you learning about?
– What are some examples of these governments in the world today? Which one(s) do you think seem best?
– Are you trying out for the talent show at CWW? (auditions are this Tuesday at lunch!)

Student Book Clubs!

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Greetings from Ms. Walker’s Classroom

Hello students and parents! Welcome to your grade 6 English and Social Studies blog for Ms. Walker’s class. Use this site to see what we’ve done in class, what’s coming up next, and to celebrate all that we’ve accomplished. I’m looking forward to learning with you this year!

Here are some snapshots from our first two days together in the 2015-2016 school year!

Let’s BE…AWESOME this year!

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